Scenery Review | Orbx “the Balearic Islands”

Your personal reporter Angelique van Campen tries to take a virtual airplane to Mallorca, but due to COVID-19 restrictions it was not that easy, but she managed to reach the Balearic Islands. Talking about Balearic Islands. Angelique is pleased to take you on her VFR scenic flights at the Orbx Balearic islands, visiting Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca.

According to Angelique “I didn’t know what to expect although I knew the overall quality of TrueEarth products, but when Tony informed me that the Balearic Islands are not SD nor HD quality, but UHD quality (60 cm/pixel), I was even more interested in finding it out. When I first started exploring Mallorca I was blown away. What I mentioned before, it’s not only the quality of the ortho textures. Don’t get me wrong, a 60 cm/pixel ground texture quality is high, very high to be honest and then when it covers a large area. We do see much higher texture qualities as was already explained by Tony, but that’s mostly at an airport or parts of an airport, but not large areas like we see with the Balearic Islands.”

While Angelique visited three islands except Formentera – yes yes, she missed it – she recorded her flights and that footage material is used for a virtual impression too. Curious what she had seen? Check it out at her in-depth review of the Balearic Island flights.

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Aircraft Review | Part I – Thranda Design Beaver

Your personal reporter and reviewer Angelique van Campen is pleased to inform you that on behalf of the Thranda Design team she tried to find all the ins and outs of the modeled DHC-2 Beaver. And I can tell you, she had a lot of fun reviewing this model.

According to Angelique “It was an awesome experience to review the modeled Beaver by Thranda and perhaps we will review the Pilatus PC-6 too since I’m impressed by what I’ve seen and how it’s made. And this also concludes our Part I of the Thranda Beaver with wheels. As I mentioned before, our Part II of the Thranda Beaver will cover the seaplane model.”

You can read her in-depth Beaver impression via this link. Enjoy the reading and feel free to comment.

Airport Review | Fresno Yosemite International

Many years ago your personal reporter Angelique van Campen visited the famous US National Parks like Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon. While in this region, we passed and stayed during our trip from these NPs to San Francisco in the city of Fresno.

To get the most realistic scenery sensation, you absolutely need when buying Orbx Fresno Yosemite International Airport also buy and install Orbx TrueEarth Northern California. Personally I would say add to this also the other TrueEarth west coast scenery packages, but Northern California is an absolute recommendation, so no requirement!

Curious what Angelique has to say about KFAT? Then you should check out her in-depth Orbx Fresno Yosemite International Airport review. Enjoy the ride and feel free to comment.

Utility Review | SkyScout for X-Plane

Your personal reporter and dedicated reviewer Angelique van Campen is pleased to inform you that she made it. Yes, she finished a comprehensive review of XPlane Aviator SkyScout. Angelique says “It wasn’t an easy review. It took a while to get the right flow.

That has nothing to do with the product. It’s just different finding your way then reviewing an aircraft, an airport, a scenery or hardware.” And “Most likely, and looking to myself too, simmers who have interest in buying SkyScout will use the upper four SkyScout functions (buttons) which are, just in case, the PFD, MFD, XPD and MAP. Looking to myself, I found the PFD very useful since it offers almost every feature you can imagine.

Want to read the whole article? Take a cup of coffee, tea or whatever you prefer, relax, sit back and enjoy this in-depth SkyScout review.

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